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Title: SexWeb

What we see on the internet when no one is watching?
We like sex, sex sells, shocks, and is everywhere and often in a hidden way.
SexWeb is about the loneliness of the Internet and addiction to sex that can generate the same. As a drug of XXI century, Internet sex makes our lives more and more lonely and our social and sexual relations at an alarming decline. The character who appears in the play is a sex addict on the network, which is increasingly looking for stronger emotions to overcome his masturbatory anxiety, and has no problems with it because of the huge amount of sexual solicitation over the Internet running.
The video does not answer any particular question but if generated:
Is this sex or just a substitute? Or perhaps it is better than real sex? Why is it uncomfortable to take the side of the screen and see how someone sees sex? etc ...

Video recorded in a single plane and reproduced reverse (reverse), to emphasize the fact of addiction of the protagonist. The audio track plays an important role in history, giving rhythm to an almost static, playing with leading eye reflexes and the computer screen.

Year of manufacture: 2011
Duration: 07:26 minutes
Actor, direction, camera, performance, script, costumes, editing, music and sound: Martin Bartolomé