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Tecnopainting. Strategies to and from mixing paint.
Exhibition at the Young Art Center, Avenida de America 13, Community of Madrid.

The unstoppable process of mixing and pollution are living contemporary artistic creation, expanding its borders, has led to the redefinition of the fields of art. Interaction with mass media and elements from the so-called "popular culture" has contributed to the construction and acceptance of new aesthetic experiences as full members in the renovated constellation of contemporary artistic and cultural practices, and is reflect the current complexity of the visual arts.

The mixed production, one that moves on the borderline between different disciplines, which thrives on a life experience in turn fed by the media bombardment and constant proliferation of technologies in a perpetual state of renovation and expansion, has become one of the territories of the most popular creation today.
For Manuel Angel Martin Bartholomew, the city of Madrid, its changing cultural space, diversity and creative vitality are the starting point of their work. Contact with a social context rife with powerful visual references that come through the design, modes of dress, a public sphere impregnated with new ways of interpreting the environment through the comics, music, fanzines, flyers ... Street is revealed as the locus of what interests you. Martin Bartholome starts as designer flyers for different bars in the city and its professionalism in the field of design lets you start building an unprejudiced eye on the painting, a medium that has been working since the beginning of his career, although from the beginning of a more traditional perspective.

Begins a process of translation and pollution unstoppable in which the paintings take on without fear the fleeting and transitory character of the flyers. The working methods are the same. From a sketch made entirely by computer, Martin Bartholomew moved minutely every stroke, every line, trying not to alter the original proposal, staying true to form and color in the machine worked. Its buildings and maintain a certain air cleaning is fouled by interference technique of a painting whose presence he forces increasingly, through the use of oil in his later works.

Formal references which part (usually drawn from comic strips) smudge and acquire a visual quality halfway between organic cosmos cellular appearance and construction nearly mapping of an electronic circuit. The unexpected size of their flyers is sometimes offset by a fragmented presentation seems to allude to such ungraspable multiplicity from which they start their work.

Helena Cabello.


3, 2, 1... Fire
Martín Bartolomé
Helena Cabello
Flyer,s from heaven to Madrid
Martín Bartolomé
Felix Matilla
Treatment Room
Fast Bussines Art

Martín Bartolomé
Treatment Room 2

Martín Bartolomé