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Title: 3,2,1, Fire

Animated video based on the story by Isaac Asimov Hellfire (1956) and in my own paintings. Reading this story I found a link between the intention of the scientific, Asimov's story, you can photograph the first moments of the explosion of an atomic bomb and my intention as an artist to tell the chaos and destruction of forms conventional. The scientists found between the devil and chaos among my works are forms that make up little things that we watch from the abstraction they represent. The explosion as a way of creating new models of expression, such as the Big Bang that supposedly created the universe we know, makes us think of a great Genesis, fiery and destructive blast, blast, fragmentation, fragmentation, chaos, life and Revelation. Everything in that millisecond expansion of matter, form and color, and before all the atoms break their connections to pieces create an image, make a picture, That is the true moment of chaos and they also expressed Asimov in his story. So this is a moment of extreme brevity that I should be portrayed, or rather interpreted as something that is part of us.
The chaos, fear and organic living in a strange moment in time to show allegorically the troubled times in which we live.

For this reason the video images are completely abstract, like my artwork, and we need a powerful audio help us tell the story of the atomic bomb explosion and subsequent chaos. The timeline that is displayed, you can also explain the situation, since there is only 1.40 minutes of real time and the remaining time until the 8-minute video takes only 1 second of time on the timer of the screen.

Year of manufacture: 2010
Duration: 08:03 minutes
Performing, script, images, editing and sound: Martin Bartolomé