How to define or establish a link to the work of three artists as diverse, beyond friendship maintained for years, spent in meditation of the undersigned to be a job search within the collective LACAL to be a work of reflection on the fading of any dogmatic formalism in art today. But before getting down to be making a presentation of the group as such, which is the main objective of this text.

The birth of this group is far less than you would expect from an artistic or at least not historicist pattern is similar to any "ism" of the avant-garde. No, we no longer had to remove classical formalisms, or write manifestos, or subjugate the heroic of originality. Obviously modernity had already finished and is not aware of it that we unite to splash in the sea of ​​postmodern eclecticism, rather unconscious work on a given situation and join forces with the sole purpose of our way in the world of art, seems who would look bad ... and being accused of banal.

The beginning of LACAL took place in the years of study in college, we went from being six to be three active members after graduation, José Ramón Pacho, Manuel Angel Martin Bartholome and Arturo Ledesma are now members of the group that emerges after a latency in which each member has continued his search and individual work within the art.

A topical questions must be answered soon. LACAL name was chosen for its sound as well as a conceptual exercise on the characteristics of the element, the lime material presented in multiple forms, lime mortars, lime or quicklime primers to break up the meat and leave us in the bones.

Turning to the first reflection, dealing with the nexus of the group, we dare to launch a challenge to the reader, meditate on it a few minutes. What is what defines art as such throughout history? What that allows us to encompass as much art paintings of Altamira as a picture of Velazquez as a work of Nam June Paik? And go a step further in the challenge What is the common thread, the scale classifier that defines "art" today? It is not an easy exercise, and we have an immediate conclusion, but this gives us not having to look over link to establish ourselves as a collective that making art and making art cutting edge. If you still remain some glimmer of doubt we mention terms by way of qualities: appropriation, revisionism and no claim of obsolescence of painting in the work of José Ramón Pacho, integration of the ways and means of traditional painting with aesthetic elements arising of new technologies in Martin Bartholome and the search for effective meditation on art and technoscientific disturbances, theories of transhumanism and posthumanism and the role of art in today's society of Arturo Ledesma.

We are united by artistic formalism situation.

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What is Lacal?
Martín Bartolomé
Arturo Ledesma