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Installation: No_Museum

No_Museum is a reflection of the increasingly widespread notion of deconstruction as a mausoleum encyclopedic museum of art.

Museums have not always existed and will probably cease to exist in the future, as we know, absorbed by new technologies and mutating into new formats in line with the times to come. And consider the various avant-garde museum as a cemetery tombstones shows what great art was, in a growing business in order to attract the masses eager to consume images classified as high art.

So with this intervention try to do a reverse contextualization of the works that are in major museums. The difference with the classical decontextualization is very simple to use, while in contemporary art is decontextualized everyday objects in museums introducing and equipping of a new artistic or aesthetic qualities, are entered in boxes No_Museo classic look and a space museum dedicated Meat Cutting and dry sausage, our special mausoleum, thus trying to provide the space for the new essence of exquisite looking away from the museums and historical and prosaic he continued.

The intervention consists of 24 identical boxes, lined with blue velvet, surrounded with a large wooden frame of traditional appearance and arranged in two rows. The inclusion of images in the pictures makes conceptual objects, we know what they are and what they represent in our subconscious, allegorical images which might contain in this case would not provide aesthetic value to the intervention, quite the contrary, that any image that would have broken had placed the composition to divert the attention of visitors to this and not the critical set.

The repetition of the same element symmetrically, at the top creates the illusion exhibition and order harmonic and balanced a museum or art gallery, while in the bottom row, the tables are placed flat on the floor and a rate proportional movement to create a set of empty and integrators between the site and the walls rough and cracked looking Treatment Room and have their empirical role.

The works mutate and become niches and tombstones in a mausoleum become No_Museum.


3, 2, 1... Fire
Martín Bartolomé
Helena Cabello
Flyer,s from heaven to Madrid
Martín Bartolomé
Felix Matilla
Treatment Room
Fast Bussines Art

Martín Bartolomé
Treatment Room 2

Martín Bartolomé