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Installation: Fast Business Art

The main idea of ​​this intervention is to denounce the current state of the art and therefore throw stones on my own roof.

The installation is based on the visual surprise of the receiver by transmitting components iconicity well known, advertising kitsch in the late 80's that reminds us fast is a McDonalds. Found this in a slaughterhouse is not normal could be called decontextualization, but I think we'd be lying, contextualization is a full-fledged, perfect location.
I say this because I sense that the future of hamburger could be in slaughterhouses. Think for a second as consumers we are: we all want that raw materials are to our eyes when we go to fast food, for example we can choose the meat that we eat, watch the cooking process and we serve our food avoiding energy and transportation costs to lower the costs of the final product that reaches our mouths. This would be ideal and we all wish. But it seems a utopia.

It is clear that what we see is not just a burger and I'm not a businessman, in all this is an artistic metaphor, a deception and criticism, and though it may seem otherwise, is not to fast food establishments. What we see is a theater stage, which will fulfill its mission to deceive the duration of the function, although deep down we all know that what you see is false and that behind the scenes there is nothing. This is what I call a fast art, an art of rapid consumption, we only fools the stomach.
In the art world more and more works of this kind, which are intended for a single site, for a moment or a single sensation, which are cooked to mind but no trace trace retinal and / or hearing or seek crying easily by despicable trickery or bad taste.
With this work I try to expose how institutions, both public and private, with the support of the criticism or not, have become museums and exhibition centers fast art, the real theme parks which "consumes" an attraction fair or fireworks; impact visual, auditory or sensory that leaves no lasting mental imprint, few things are memorable, eat fast, digest fast and soon forget.
I am denouncing the redundancy of certain artists who are in most of these fast food and attractions that have become Big Mac or Burger star of these museums, rooms or spaces that seem true franchises more concerned about money and the influx sensationalism-hungry public that the quality of its burgers.

It requires fast food in art, make your drink while your mind wanders elsewhere without the slightest attention to what you are watching. Some might blame the mass media or thinking about jumping abysmal our generation has increased the display of images. We all know that globalization and the internet have made us consumers vouyeurs images of all kinds and that they add to the already consumed earlier, so that this mass could be the cause that makes us forget about almost everything apparently.

But it need not be so; Within the welter art there is still much to discover. Our mind is still able to separate the chaff from the grain, fast food to home cooking.

This facility is only an allegation of this art. If when you finish your visual consumption you need to talk about it because there is a mental imprint, or a residue that makes this memorable, I will have achieved my goal.

If you see this facility, tickles and spend one minute friendly and fun, alone or in pairs and will never again remember this is that I have finally done something that deserves to be in a museum.

If when you leave here you will eat a hamburger is hungry.


Martín Bartolomé
For the first edition of Treatment Room


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Martín Bartolomé